The “Ophthalmo-Check” Advanced Diagnostic, Therapeutic and Research Eye Center was established in 1992 by ophthalmic surgeon Professor Pandelis A. Papadopoulos.

At Ophthalmo-Check we believe in the provision of ophthalmological services of the highest standards and we make use of the most advanced and recent diagnostic and therapeutic techniques and equipment, while taking great care to build and maintain relationships of trust and openness with all of our patients.

Success Model

The success of Ophthalmo-Check resides in the trust that our patients put in us given the personalized care each one of them receives and the unsurpassed quality of the services we provide.

Scientific Excellence

The scientific brilliance of our medical and clinical support staff is the product of life-long learning and training undertaken abroad. This has been vital in allowing the provision of the latest and most advanced medical services we offer. The standards of the services we provide match those of the world-leaders in ophthalmology in the USA and Germany.

International Recognition

In December 2012 Prof. Pantelis Papadopoulos and his surgical team performed the world’s first quadruple operation for the restoration of the anterior chamber with great success.

Four operations were performed simultaneously (corneal transplant, glaucoma valve implantation, ultrasound phacoemulsification for cataract removal & IOL insertion and implantation of an artificial iris) on the eye of a 28-year old who suffered a serious acanthamoeba and herpes simplex virus infection following contact-lens use.

The patient’s vision was restored within a month following surgery. The final aesthetic results were also better than expected.


Why Us

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